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3.01 Landing a good -- no, a Terrific! -- law job:

3.011 General Information on Law Firms:
3.012 Finding the Right Firm:
3.013 Getting Right Offer:
3.014 Miscelleny:

3.02 Résumés:

3.021 Cover Letters:
3.022 For a little later in your career:

3.03 Interviewing:

3.031 Negotiating a Salary (for your next position)

3.04 General Career-Planning Stuff:

3.05 For Women:

3.06 Maintaining Life Balance as an Attorney:

3.07 Dressing the Part:

3.08 Life at Law Firms:

3.081 Seems odd for this section, but the Law has a lot in common with the Marines

3.09 Escaping to Tahiti:

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