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Pre-Law & Law Students, Job Seekers, and Full Fledged Lawyers

This list of law books is broken down by approximate phase of the lawyer life-cycle. We'll try to add more books periodically. Please revisit every once in a while, and please also submit your your suggestions.

Oh...The links are to pages at Just click if you're interested. Most carry a discount, but that's up to Amazon of course. We've tried to note books that are special order or otherwise difficult to find. (If so, check with your friendly librarian.)

Good Reading, and on to The Law...

1.0 Before Law School

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2.0 Books on

Law Schools & The LSAT.

2.5 You're In!

Stuff on law school courses.

3.0 A whole bunch of books on

Getting a Law Job!

4.0 The Bar Exam:

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5.0 Figuring out how to actually be a Lawyer :

6.0 Legal Writing:

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7.0 Goodies for

Transactional Lawyers, Trial Lawyers, and Just Plain Ol' Lawyers.

8.0 Starting Your Own Law Practice (including future rainmakers):

8.1 Just Getting Started?
8.2 Getting Established:
8.3 Getting Big:
8.4 ...Miscelleny:

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9.0 Extra-Curricular Reading to keep those Synapses Synapsing:

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10.0 A Little Something to Ponder:

10.1 The Legal Profession:
10.2 Law Practice:
10.25 Libertarian & Other Rantings:
10.26 Economics (Not boring. Honest!):
10.3 Racin' to Reno when we could be walking to Rochester:
10.301 Affirmative Action:
10.35 Edu...macation.
10.4 What's Your Name, Kid?
10.5 It's a Crime Shame:
10.6 They Allow GIRLS in Here?!?
10.7 May it Please the Court...
10.8 The Supremes
10.81 ...and Not So Supremes
10.9 A few cool lawyer types
10.91 No Legal Category for THIS one:
10.905 Non-Law Bios:
10.92 Internet Law
10.93 ...Those Funny Lawyers
10.94 Miscellany

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11.0 Some Non-Law Pondering, for those Ponderous Among Us:

11.01 The Burden of Brains
11.02 Geopolitics
11.03 Geo...uh...ography
11.04 Gum'ment
11.05 Money, Money, Money
11.06 ...Still more Miscelleny

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12.0 ...Really Non-Law Stuff:

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13.0 ...a lucky number?) Thinking About Leaving the Law?

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PS: This list is the result of many lawyer/contributors. Please add your own suggested reading! We'll try to add your suggestions whenever we can.

PPS: A word from a recovering tightwad: Don't be penny-wise and career foolish. A law degree is a hundred-thousand-plus dollar investment. Not all of these books are great ones, but each is at least interesting in its own right. More importantly, if you pick up just a few tidbits from each book, then it's more than earned its price. [TJM]

Did we forget a book? Care to add your two cents? (Or dollars, for you practicing lawyers.) Let us know by email!

To legal publishers: if you'd like to submit a new title (or one currently in print) for consideration, please send a review copy to The Fine Print Press, Attn: Web Editor, 350 Ward Avenue, Suite 106, Honolulu, Hawaii 96814-4091. No guarantees, but we'll treat your book(s) with respect.

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