College Fast Track
Essential Habits for Less Stress and More Success in College
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College Fast Track

College Fast Track is written with today’s college student in mind. Its focus is in helping students balance the many new challenges of college life. Its message is one of building good study and personal habits, achieving greater academic success while enjoying a better, less-stressful college experience.

College Fast Track is concise, easy-to-read, and written in an approachable, peer tone. Its immediate suggestions, examples, and tips are invaluable—worth far more than its modest retail price of $12.95.

Books for college students tend to be written by committee or college professors or administrators, highly detailed, and pedantic. They are often written as much for parents as for the students themselves. They provide information, but their goal is not to help in ways that students are concerned about. And because they are written by those long out of college, it is difficult for students to connect with the advice.

College Fast Track is unique in the above respects. It is written by a peer student—a highly successful college student who went on to success in law school. Rather than being highly detailed, College Fast Track focuses on immediately usable habits. Its goal is to help students improve in measurable ways, and in ways that provide greater—not less—time for enjoyment: success and less stress!

Once college begins, however, the reading load is enormous (and parties beckon), thus “extra-curricular” reading is unappealing. College Fast Track is easy to read, pertaining to the essential habits for success in college. Unlike other books on college, this book will not be over-laden with details about mundane issues. Instead, College Fast Track cuts right to the most important issues. Better success, easier study, and higher grades and graduation prospects.

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