Con Law
(a Real Student's guide to Law School and the Legal Profession)
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Con Law

In years past, a reasonably bright and hard-working student could attend law school, perhaps paying for much of it with part-time jobs, and graduate into a comfortable, assured world of law practice.

No more. Law students face an uphill climb from before Day One. They must first get into law school, but even then their success is not only not assured, it is almost a sucker's bet. Even if they complete their three-year degree, they will also have amassed an enormous debt, and, unless they graduated toward the top of a top law school, will almost certainly face an extremely difficult time finding any job, much less a good law job.

This is the world that awaits the law student. This is the book that tells the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

You might still want to attend law school. Good for you. But at least, after reading this book, you will go in armed. Without this knowledge (and unless your uncle is a senior partner at some biglaw firm), the chances are very, very low that law school will work out well for you. Do not play the odds, and do not go to law school assuming that everything you've been told is true. It isn't. If even ten percent of what is in this ebook is helpful, that could well save you tens of thousands of dollars in non-dischargeable debt and many years of misery.

Law school can be an excellent route, but not for everyone. Know, going in, whether it's for you.

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