Excerpts from Amazon readers:

Great resource for trads and non-trads alike

I wish I'd had this resource. Though it's of particular interest for those who are older, changing careers, have children, etc., there's something of use for everyone here. Highly recommend.

In Good Company

Brimming with sensible advice. It’s nice to know I'm not alone.

Hits the nail on the head!

The best pre-law book out there!

Great resource

I pick this one up first to see what it has to say on the subject. It typically has the best, most honest, and most straightforward advice of all in the law genre.

Other Reviews:

A comprehensive and sane look at law school

This book provides a realistic look at all things law school: the application process, LSAT, rankings, finances, acceptance, rejection, and what to expect for the three years of law school. While targeted to non-trads, it seems like it would also be helpful for the traditional student who wants a no-nonsense view of law school and the profession.

Something different

[O]ne of the better pre law guides on the market right now. Very down to earth and straightforward. A good addition to your pre law school reading list. The Nontradlaw franchise seems to be doing a good job, although I wouldn't recommend relying solely on it for all your information. I would put this book up in my trifecta of worthwhile pre law books, along with PLS and LSC.

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