Law School Fast Track
Essential Habits for Law School Success
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Law School Fast Track

Many law students are unprepared for law school. Once law school begins, however, the reading load is enormous, and any “extra-curricular” reading is unappealing. For a law student, numerous and massive assignments loom from the very first day—with no let-up until final exams—and with zero feedback until those finals. Law students wonder where to begin, how to begin, and what to do each day. Law School Fast Track is unique in its format: short, fast, inexpensive, and easy-to-read. It is written to help law students starting on day one with one thousand pages of assigned cases. Its immediate suggestions, examples, and tips are invaluable—worth far more than its modest price ($12.95 in softcover, $9.99 via Kindle).

Law School Fast Track focuses simply on the first week of law school—emphasizing the importance of establishing and maintaining good habits. Most habits in law school are formed before and during the first week. For example, during the first week a student will decide where to study, how long to study, how to brief a law case, what to do with class notes, how to outline, and when to start outlining, among many other demands. Law School Fast Track is a concise, inexpensive, and easy-to-read guide written in an approachable, peer tone. In focusing on the first week of law school, this book emphasizes the importance of establishing and maintaining good habits, thus giving the readers an early advantage.

Law School Fast Track is easy to read, pertaining to the essential habits formed in the first week of law school.

Unlike other books on this topic, this book will not be over-laden with details about mundane law school issues. Instead, Law School Fast Track will cut right to the most important issues. Better success, easier study, and higher grades (and graduations prospects).

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