Malice in Wonderland
What Every Student Should Have for the Trip
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Malice in Wonderland: What Every Student Should Have for the Trip

Many law school books suffer from the same tired formula: long, complicated, and boring. Reading these books is a chore.

Malice in Wonderland is an honest guide to law school. Now the reader is led on a journey into law school (i.e., Wonderland) by a tour guide, Uncle Malice. Drawing upon his own mistakes and shenanigans, Malice enlightens. But he's not your grandfather's narrator: he is brash, colorful, and honest.

Malice in Wonderland tackles the important elements of first year, including outlining, homework, finals, class, and grades. Malice zeroes in on each, without getting bogged down. Never one to be pedantic or up-tight, Malice keeps the reader engaged with faux cases names (Kardashian v. Dignity), new terminology, and fun stories. Malice explains why screw-ups in class discussions are like bad Oscar speeches, why gunners never have weekend plans, and how to launch a preemptive strike against a professor. Malice will educate and entertain rising 1Ls in a way that other law school titles cannot.

Three qualities set Malice in Wonderland apart:

Length. Many are 300 to 850-page prelaw tomes. With social media, smart phones, tablets, and other new media, today's student has a short attention span and a multitude of options. This book is a short, quick, powerful read.

Tone. Through narrative-not preachy advice-the author doesn't talk down to readers.

Cost. At $9.99 ("Three Magic Mushrooms," from the back cover), this book is half the cost in the genre.

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