Later in Life Lawyers
Tips for the Non-Traditional Law Student
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Later in Life Lawyers

Table of Contents

So Why Law? Why Now?

Picking a career in law for money
Will I be smart enough for law school?
I've read One L by Trudow. Realistic?
Am I Too Old?
How expensive is law school?
What undergraduate degree do I need for law school?
I have a few skeletons in the closet. Is it worth reading any further?
Law school with children. Even an option?
Isn’t Law a “Do Anything” Degree?
Lawyers Are Always Miserable and Telling Me not to Bother. Should I Listen?
You know you’re a nontrad when...

Getting In

It’s All About The Numbers...
Studying for the LSAT
Test Day and During The Test
After The Test
Your GPA
But I Went to College Years Ago
What About My Graduate Degree?
I Studied a Dif?cult Major. Will This Help?
What If I [or, ahem, Mom & Dad] Spent Six Figures on a “Top” Private Undergrad Education?
The Rest of the Application
The Personal Statement
The Addendum
Letters of Recommendation
Your Résumé
So How Much Will It Cost to Even Apply?
Where to Apply?
Visiting Schools
Does The Type Of Law You Want To Practice Affect Which Schools You Should Apply To?
So You’re Saying It Doesn’t Matter What School I Go To?
All About Rankings
So Rankings Are Not Important?
So They Are Important?
Is There Actually a Difference between High and Low Ranked Schools?
Attend the Highest–Ranked Law School You Get Into?
Picking Money Over Ranking?
Now I Understand the Rankings. How Do I Use Them for Choice of Where to Apply? (Or, the Basics about Reaches, Targets, and Safeties.)
How Many Schools to Apply To?
Other Considerations: Attending Full–Time or Part–Time
Where Can You Realistically Apply To?
Where To Go for Help during the Admissions Process
The Mechanics: When to Apply
Paper or Online Applications?
But Regardless, it’s Still All About The Numbers, Right?
So Is There Anything Else I Can Do to Get In?
So You’ve Sent In The Applications. Now What?
More Than One Offer? What Should I Do?
I Didn’t Get In Anywhere. What Do I Do?
Staying Motivated
What Would You Do Differently If You Could Go Back In Time?
One Final Thing: Where Do I Get The Money To Pay For This?
Everyone Else Seems to Have a Scholarship. Does That Mean I’m Stupid or Being Ripped Off?
Final Words Before Starting
Staying in
So Will Law School Be What I Expect It To Be?
Is There Anything I Can Do To Prepare For Law School Before It Starts?
Other Preparation
Career preparation
Other Things That You Might Want To Consider Doing Before Law School.

First Year

The Non–Academics of Law School: Housing
Health Insurance
What to Wear?
Social Events
1L: an Overview
Administration: Scheduling Classes and Swapping Sections
Buying Casebooks
Class: Socratic Issues
The Professors
Participation in Class
Jekyll and Hyde: Professors Outside Class
Study Groups
Study Aids
Where to Study
Working during 1L
Managing the Confusion
Working Smart, not Hard
Exams: The Basics
Exam Failure
Are Grades Really Random?
So Why Do Grades Take So Long to Arrive?
Bad Grades
Handling the Stress
Don’t Be This Person
So You’ve Made It through 1L Successfully. What Would You Do Differently?
Other Important Duties During 1L (Apart from Studying)
Talking of Getting Signed up for Stuff, What about Bar Review Courses?
Mid–1L Break (a/k/a Christmas). Should I Do Anything?

2L And Beyond

What Courses?
Law Review
Didn’t Make Law Review? Don’t Despair.
Moot Court
No Moot Court Either? Try an Externship or a Clinic.
The Job Search: Get ready
A Few Thoughts About the Job Search
On–Campus Interviews
The Economy is Bad. Are There Really Jobs?

General Considerations

Thinking About Quitting
That’s Law School in a Nutshell.
Haven’t We Forgotten Something?

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