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A Guide to Getting a Big Firm Job
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Insider’s Guide to Getting A Big Firm Job: What Every Law Student Should Know About 	

The primary goal of most law students is to get a job upon graduation. While law school teaches many things, how to get a law job is not one of them. Thousands of law students thus graduate each year without a job, without any prospects, and without the faintest idea how to land their first job with a law firm. In law school, however, the competition for top jobs is intense—and the special needs of law firm recruiters are unknown to most law students. This book is an insider’s look at the secrets of landing a dream law firm job.

No other book addresses how, specifically, to land that big firm job out of law school. Most books aimed at law students speak to how to get into law school, and how to succeed in law school, but none address how to get a lucrative job once law school is completed. This book addresses these vital areas: the secrets to obtaining a well-paying position as an attorney following graduation.

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