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A Guide to Getting a Big Firm Job
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Insider’s Guide to Getting A Big Firm Job: What Every Law Student Should Know About 

From the Foreword by Morten Lund:

There are many interviewing guides out there, and frankly most of them are useless—at least for law students. Law firm interviewers will not ask you to describe a situation where you overcame a challenge. They will not ask you to pick an animal you would like to be, and they will not ask you to solve some artificial hypothetical. Maybe that kind of interviewing goes on elsewhere, but only rarely at law firms, so books that give elaborate explanations on how to answer this type of question are simply not speaking to law students interviewing at big firms

Because big law firms generally do not ask prepackaged questions, practicing prepackaged answers will do you no good. Instead you need to understand. And that is where the Insider’s Guide will help you. Instead of providing prepackaged answers, this book will help you develop your own answers (which you should practice, of course) that will be far superior to anything handed to you, because these answers will be yours. And more importantly, you will be able to apply them in the fluid environment that is the law firm interview.

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